Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Price Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Massage shower enclosure, bathtub, Bath screen, Hydromassage Columns Belgium

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  • Hydromassage, Steam cabin Massage bathtub
    Shower cabin Shower enclosure Glass bowls in bathing

    Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Belgium

    Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Price Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Massage bathtub, Bath screen, Hydromassage Columns, Bathroom cabinet, SPAS
    Steam shower photo Steam shower photo

    Steam shower - Shower enclosure. Belgium

    Hydromassage shower enclosure " G - 001 " ( corner )

    Size Steam shower : L 360 x B 230 x H 1400 [ mm ]

    Color: chrom, white, gold
    Material of manufacturing: ACRIL

    Steam shower cost
    100 $ *
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    Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Price Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Massage bathtub, Bath screen, Hydromassage Columns, Bathroom cabinet, SPAS
    Steam shower photo Steam shower photo

    Steam shower - Shower enclosure. Belgium

    Hydromassage shower enclosure " G - 002 "

    Size Steam shower : L 350 x B 160 x H 1100 [ mm ]

    Color: chrom, white, gold
    Material of manufacturing: ACRIL

    Steam shower cost
    100 $ *
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    Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Price Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Massage bathtub, Bath screen, Hydromassage Columns, Bathroom cabinet, SPAS
    Steam shower photo Steam shower photo

    Steam shower - Shower enclosure. Belgium

    Hydromassage shower enclosure " G - 009 "

    Size Steam shower : L 330 x B 210 x H 970 [ mm ]

    Color: chrom, white, gold
    Material of manufacturing: ACRIL

    Steam shower cost
    100 $ *
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    Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Price Steam shower. Shower enclosure. Massage bathtub, Bath screen, Hydromassage Columns, Bathroom cabinet, SPAS
    Steam shower photo Steam shower photo

    Steam shower - Shower enclosure. Belgium

    Hydromassage shower enclosure " G - 010 "

    Size Steam shower : L 310 x B 150 x H 1220 [ mm ]

    Color: chrom, white, gold
    Material of manufacturing: ACRIL

    Steam shower cost
    100 $ *
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    Hydromassage, Steam cabin Massage bathtub
    Shower cabin Shower enclosure Glass bowls in bathing


    In medical practice hydromassage for first time was entered in 1909. During all subsequent time of an opportunity of his(its) application purposefully extended, and operational characteristics became simpler together with perfection of technical progress.

    it Is surprising, but hydromassage harmoniously and effectively unites in itself all features термотерапии, treatment by massage, water and movement. Each of these components can be used and it is independent from each other, but only a combination of all four systems - hydromassage, gives both best results, and completely new sensations.

    Hydromassage allows to influence certain points of a body of person air-to-water stream beating from atomizers (джет), located in boards of a bath. parity(ratio) of air and water can be adjusted, being guided by own sensations.

    Familiar process of bathing in a usual bath already delivers to us weight of pleasure, and hydromassage baths bring in this pleasant procedure additional effects which are obliged by origin person not observably(notice) before energy, penetrating in water together with raging jets подогретого air.

    Experts of firm Pamos Austria - Wellness Company guarantee, that, having plunged in such bath, you, first of all, feel unusual feeling of weightlessness. It arises in thickness of water, removes collected weight, facilitating movement. In it " suspended condition " you will feel smooth inflow of energy unostentatiously presented by an air-to-water stream.

    Such unusual contact of water with a leather(skin) together with sensual pleasure imperceptibly will do weight of efficiency duties. To training, unknown hitherto, hydromassage will subject терморегуляцию vessels. It will be easier to occur a metabolism, and, a so-called, hydrostatic push простимулирует submission of blood to heart, transports contents of intestines in necessary direction, stabilizes system of digestion.

    Temperature of water in a hydromassage bath, in turn, plays a part. It is very pleasant to accept hydromassage baths at temperature of water of 35 degrees Цельсия. Deviations(rejections) from this temperature in big or smaller party(side), render significant influence on an organism reacting to similar changes differently.

    Law of reactions is rather simple. So, hydromassage baths with cool water give freshening effect. Hydromassage baths with cold water also it is at all plunged you in a condition of strong excitation. easy calming effect of warm water quickly may be replaced by full relaxation passing in dream, if water hot.

    By way, because of intensity of hydromassage temperature of water is lower than 34 degrees is perceived, as warmer, than she(it) is actually.

    Specific patting massage provide big rough air пузырьки. Hypodermic fabrics, muscles, joints and even internal bo s are exposed to their influence. As a result of such massage work of a direct gut becomes more active, intense muscles relax, blood circulation becomes more active. Hydromassage removes muscular spasms, clips of a sciatic nerve, syndromes of a humeral belt(zone), facilitates a lot of other painful(unhealthy) symptoms, and also is fine preventive means against many diseases.
    *nbsp; *nbsp; *nbsp;

    Hydromassage baths

    History, as well as habitual to us name of a hydromassage bath, ascends from Italian surname Jacuzzi. seven brothers carrying this surname, have arrived to America from province Фриули. And all of them were talented inventors. Brothers even have thought up variant of an airplane and were authors of many development помельче - pumps and advanced rowing screw. Thus they had to study interaction of water and air.
    And at this time in house ill child who daily needed to be driven on massage to physiatrist was. One of brothers managed to solve originally this problem: it(he) has made device which at his(its) immersing in a bath with water gave out a massage jet from a mix of water and air. It also was while an imperfect prototype of a hydromassage bath.

    Modern convenient elegant bath, in spite of on anything, yet a limit of dreams. Designers constantly think out something brand new. Firm - parent JACUZZI already totals 250 patents on this theme. Also it is full of determination to go further.

    Salutary property of water is noticed by people from most ancient times. Yes you and know - it is necessary to get tired strongly as you reach a house with a unique idea: to get into a warm bath. Baths, however, are different., for example, джакузи (so we have got used to name hydromassage baths) - that it? An entertainment new Russian, pride of an interior, means of an investment of money or simply necessary thing for daily life?

    Hydromassage bath as its(her) founders speak, is a habit useful to health. Hydromassage stimulates blood circulation and results in removal(distance) from an organism of toxins and slags, improves a metabolism and lymphatic circulation. It(he) promotes preservation of beauty: Strengthens and strengthens protective reaction of a leather(skin) from external influence, struggles with immemorial enemy of women - a cellulitis, and also with fatty adjournment and excessive fatness. Well and main thing - hydromassage restores good state of health and physical form, raises a tone and allows to relax.

    Classical hydromassage are directed jets of water mixed with air. And parity(ratio) of water and air can be adjusted to taste. In some models mode uniting two kinds of massage is used: classical and air (in field of a back and a waist). Firm JACUZZI in model has connected usual hydromassage with east which is based on use of " water fingers ". special atomizers located in two lines on a forward wall of a bath, allow to stimulate certain points тонификации, located on both parties(sides) of a backbone, providing, thus, long power balance.

    Some models are equipped with submission of ozone which in certain proportions is added to air acting in a bath. This natural gas has anesthetizing and disinfectant effect.

    While rather seldom it is possible to meet a bath with ultrasonic atomizers. Frequency and capacity УЗИ are selected by manufacturers such, that using a bath completely safely for person.

    Baths share usual and angular. Also baths differ on size - depending on that, for скольких person they are intended. But also, each model has unique design. internal space of a bath with bent walls is designed so that it was possible to relax completely. Only in this case effect from hydromassage will be maximal.

    Arrangement of atomizers in a bath too not idle time, and special - "anatomic". You see most of all certain sites of a body require realization of massage: Area of a waist and крестца, legs, lateral parts of a trunk. Thus a direction of jets of water mixed with air, it is possible to change to taste, simply turning an atomizer. However it is necessary to remember, that direct direction of a jet under pressure is not recommended, as thus blood circulation is slowed down. positive weakening effect is reached(achieved), only when jets of water are directed under a corner to necessary sites of a body.

    Hydromassage baths differently it is possible to have in an interior. Some baths are sold with lateral panels, for other models of them it is necessary to buy separately. In fair brochures you sometimes may see baths built - in a floor. Hardly you will manage to make it in apartment. Besides it is necessary to know, that at any accommodation of a bath it is necessary to provide access to water communications and pump. So under a floor (if all of you have decided her(it) to build) there should be a sufficient space.

    Bath demands management and a leaving(care). Such complex(difficult) device needs to be able to be operated. However, it is uneasy. elementary (and, perhaps, most reliable) is a pneumatic type of management. That is onboard a bath handles which need to be turned are located, - with it everyone will understand. More intellectual management - with help of board. Here you can program practically all process: a kind of massage, his(its) duration, intensity (simply it is possible to enter weight, and " умнаяt; bath will set necessary mode), a sequence of procedures. There are models speaking in several languages. If you have made something not and at a bath are what to tell you it is not necessary to close динамик a hand - communicate better.

    Certainly, such valuable thing demands a good leaving(care). About that it was to do(make) as it is possible more easy, designers have taken care. First, bath is arranged so, that upon termination of work all water from pipes merges completely, special drainage pump does not allow it(her) to stand there. It is possible to clean her(it) under special program. In some models there is a tank for a disinfectant liquid. A gulf of her(it) there and having included a mode "disinfection" (in different models it(he) may refer to as differently), you carefully can clear her(it), not applying special work. Only do not overlook to leave(abandon) a bath prior to beginning of this process.

    As any modern household device, a hydromassage bath it is completely safe for person. Moreover, she(it) supervises correctness of your actions. For example, if you have not filled a bath up to certain level, hydromassage will not join. And "speaking" bath will tell you about admitted(allowed) mistake. Notwithstanding what work of device depends on an electricity, defeat of person by a current is excluded.
    At pneumatic management current does not move at all on a side of a bath, and at installation of an electronic control panel pressure(voltage) 12 In, completely safe for person moves. pump - a body of hydromassage installation, is made from термопластичного a material and isolated from metal parts of equipment. Water which should not get inside of installation, there and will not get, as all atomizers have special returnable valve.

    Hydromassage bath especially designed for some persons, should have very strong case. Epoch of pig-iron has become a thing of past. Modern baths do(make) from метакрила, укрепленного by fiber glass and ДСП. It is very strong material which has beautiful superficial shine and does not cause an allergy. Besides warm to touch метакрил has excellent(different) теплоизоляцией, therefore water in a bath remains hot long enough.
    Complex(difficult) form of a bath turns out by hot formation from sheets cast trellised метакрила (выпрессовывается). smooth surface of bases of any seams and roughnesses thus turns out. Some firms paint an internal surface of a ready bath, JACUZZI, for example, at once presses painted метакрил. Therefore probability of change of color on separate sites is minimal.

    All baths fasten on a reliable skeleton. It(he) is made of metal structures with four legs which can be adjusted on a level of a floor. Thus it is possible to avoid vibration and noise during work of hydromassage installation.

    Despite of utility of hydromassage recognized as all, it is necessary to remember, that to children, pregnant women and people, suffering intimate diseases, it is necessary to consult at doctor before to dare(be solved) on these procedures.

    If your decision to provide house such engineering remained firm health and longevity to you are provided.

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